.: The Beast Inside :.

My beautiful Girlfriend JasmineStardust has many talents. But her biggest is it to always see the good in People and to help them to became a better Version of them self. This is what shes always does to me. She helped me to find my creative side and knows how to control the beast inside of me 😉 I love her more then anything else in the world.…

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.: The Fire Inside :.

Nearly 3 years ago i changed my look into a “devil” because i felt hurt. But life gives your often the best when you expect the least. While i had my new devil look i saw a beautiful girl passing by at a event with big white wings… a real angel.…

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.: Mamma Mia Emh Dracarys!!! :.

I have the best Girlfriend in the World. Because she knows that i love MishMish she bought me the new and old Luxebox for my Birthday just so i can have the Dragon! Shes my Princess <3 and i love that i can do silly things with her like this Picture 🙂 shes simply the best <3


My beauty is wearing her beautiful Stardust Tattoos:

The Dragon and the Snail are both from MishMish:

  • MishMish – My Chubby Baby Dragon (Luxebox July 2017)
  • MishMish – My Kawaii Snail (Luxebox August 2017)

The Background is from Astralia.…

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