.: To be with you is easy :.

With this picture i wanted to show how it feels to be together with my beautiful girlfriend JasmineStardust.

Being with you makes me feel weightless. No matter what i have on my mind or how hard my day was… as soon as you are with me, i feel like i can climb the highest mountain and slay an evil dragon just to bring you a magical rose from the top of it.…

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.: Runic :. Fairy Butterfly

The .: Runic :. Fairy Butterflys are my newest items for the october round of We <3 Role-Play.

They come in 5 different color options.  Each Fairy Butterfly includes 3 different shapes and options for animated magical sparkles and hovering.

The Fatpack is 50% off during the event and includes a 6th exclusive color.…

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