.: Runic :. Fluffy Dreams

The .: Runic :. Fluffy Dreams is our first Gacha ever. It comes with 12 commons and 2 rares. The sleeping puppies and kitties are worn on the head as pets. The happy puppy and kitty and decor items.

The Rare Angel and Devil are animated companions. They fly up and down and come together with a hud that gives you 3 different options for the face.

All pets come together with a resize menu.

The .: Runic :. Fluffy Dreams will be available on the 10th of July at The Seasons Story.

  • transfer/no copy/no modify (resize menu included)
  • 12 commons and 2 rares
  • Angel Puppy and Devil Kitty are animated and come with a face hud with 3 options

A special thanks goes to my beautiful girlfriend JasmineStardust she helped me a lot with the item and the picture. She is also the ultra cute model in the ad <3.

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