.: Awakening :.

The Year comes slowly to an end and it’s time to say thank you. In my case i want to say thank you to my beautiful girlfriend JasmineStardust . For all the love she gave me and the patience that she had with me. She was and is always on my side. She has my back no matter what and i couldn’t imagine someone better on my side. She is a dream that came true and even more than that. I feel very lucky and blessed to have her and i will always give my best to support her and to make her as happy as i am.

She also introduced me into art and motivated me to learn 3d. It’s such a joy to see her store Stardust and mine .: Runic :. growing this year. To share all the happy and sad moments related to it with her. And to just become better and better. Same goes for making pictures. She teached me a lot and as more i learn as more i enjoy doing this. It’s a great feeling to see a picture come to life that you just imagined in your head before.

This picture includes her newest tattoo called Stardust –Yume / Youna / Younaki it comes in 4 different colors and is right now available at The Project Se7en and its honestly my favorite tattoo in sl!

This post also features items from Gabriel , VARONIS and {anc}.

This picture is also inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I really enjoy the game and the characters and the music! I often listen to the soundtrack while working.

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