.: You will see it when you start believing :.

The world is full of wonders. Sometimes you just need someone special to make you believe in it. For me this special someone is my beautiful girlfriend JasmineStardust . She showed me that you can archive everything you want if you believe in it and give your best. To see her and the way she works and does things keeps on inspiring me every single day.

This picture features her beautiful new tattoos called Stardust – Soraya and Soraka. They are available in white, black, silver and gold at the november round of  We <3 Role-Play.

The dragons around my body are from Aii , the hairs from Stealthic and the outfit from Gabriel. The Gate and walls are from Fanatik, the stars from {anc} and the big dragon in the background from *katat0nik*.

To finish this post i want to post one of my favorit songs. It might be cheesy but i love it!

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